2024 Under Rated Tour

in collaboration with MGA


The Muslim Golf Association (MGA) proudly announces its collaboration with Steph Curry's The Underrated Tour, a prestigious initiative for young golfers. Aimed at promoting diversity and access in the sport, the tour is dedicated to Boys & Girls aged 12-18, offering a supportive platform for personal and athletic growth. This landmark partnership marks a significant moment for young Muslim golfers across Europe, providing them with not just the opportunity to play on an international stage, but also the chance to be scouted for scholarships and professional guidance. By hosting seminars, team-building exercises, and offering career counseling specific to the golf industry, The Underrated Tour is more than a series of tournaments; it's a commitment to the future of our youth.


Underrated golf believes that all people, regardless of their race, ethnicity or gender, should have the access and resources they need to play golf



Less than 2% of all golfers are black or latinx. underrated golf is working to change this statistic for the sport with a goal of bringing participation amongst these communities up to 26% to better reflect our society.


The access underrated golf provides young golfers is what leads to opportunity. We are opening doors for today’s youth to hone their golf skills in a safe and welcoming environment that allows them to prosper beyond the course. these opportunities come to life in the form of college scholarships, workforce development, seminars and team-building exercises, as well as career path counseling specific to the industry’s job market and beyond—as golf is such a powerful connector across every realm of the world.

Your Chance To Shine

Embrace this unique opportunity to challenge your skills and vie for the chance to secure a scholarship at a prestigious U.S. college. This is a moment to shine, to showcase your talents, and to potentially transform your educational journey, opening doors to world-class learning and personal development.

The Underrated Tour - Europe

The Muslim Golf Association proudly presents an unparalleled opportunity to participate in the premiere Steph Curry Underrated European Tour, set amidst the historic greens of Walton Heath, London, from May 29th to May 31st.

This prestigious event invites talented young Muslim golfers, both boys and girls aged between 12-18 years, to showcase their skills in a two-day stroke play competition. In our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, we will cover all entry, travel, and accommodation expenses for the competitor and an accompanying parent. This generous offer extends to participants from throughout the UK & European Union, ensuring a diverse and competitive field.

Participants will have the chance to acquaint themselves with the course during a practice round on Wednesday, setting the stage for the competition on Thursday and Friday. This stroke play, gross competition is not just a test of skill but a celebration of young talent.

The victors, one boy and one girl, will be awarded an all-expenses-paid journey to the United States, where they and a parent will participate in the Curry Cup at the prestigious Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, NJ, from September 2-5, 2024.

To seize this extraordinary opportunity, please express your interest by clicking the “ENTER NOW” button.

This is not merely a competition; it’s a gateway to global recognition and a testament to the boundless potential within the realm of golf.

The Competition


May 29th – 31st

Entrance Fee

Free for MGA entrants

  • Receive Underrated Golf European Trophy

  • Automatic entry into Curry Cup Tour Championship in the United States

The Course

Walton Heath Golf Club

Deans Lane, Walton-on-the-Hill, Tadworth KT20 7TP, United Kingdom

Field Size

48 Boys

48 Girls


Entries selected by MGA &  Underrated Golf Tour Committee based off of:

  • Handicap

  • Avg Tournament Score

  • National Ranking

  • Can be from any European Country

Underrated Golf will cover all travel accommodations for the participant + 1 legal parent / guardian

**All entries accepted must be traveling from a European country.**

Boys Division
  • 12-18 Yr Old (Compete for one trophy)

  • 2 Tee Boxes

    • 12-14 Approx 6,500 yards

    • 15-18 Approx 6,900 yards

Girls Division
  • 12-18 Yr Old (Compete for one trophy)

  • 2 Tee Boxes

    • 12-14 Approx 5,800 yards

    • 15-18 Approx 6,200 yards

Underrated European Ambassador

Henni Koyack

Henni Koyack has recently been appointed as the Ambassador for Stephen Curry’s all-new Underrated Golf Europe Tour. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Koyack has made a name for herself on the golf circuit.

As the Europe Ambassador for the Underrated Golf Tour, Koyack will play a pivotal role in promoting the tour and identifying promising talent across the region. With her experience and expertise, she aims to elevate the profile of the tour and provide opportunities for aspiring golfers to showcase their abilities on a global stage.

Koyack’s partnership underscores her commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity within golf by helping to shape the future of the sport alongside Underrated Golf.


How much does it cost to enter?

Entrance to the Tournament, including the practice is free of charge.

Are expenses really paid?

Yes. Expenses related to travel and accommodation for the child and one parent are fully covered by Underrated. 

How do we know if i am selected to participate in one of the regional stops?

Athletes will be notified via email if selected by no later than April 30th. 

Can parents attend?

Parents are welcome to spectate in designated areas along each course.

Is this camp co-ed?

Yes, boys and girls can both participate in the underrated golf tour, however, there will not be any co-ed competition.

What is the age limit for participation?

Participation is limited to junior golfers age 12-18.

What should each athlete bring?

Athletes should come dressed to play. Golf equipment to compete will not be provided. Beverages and snacks will be provided. Please bring your i.d. to confirm your identity as well.

If i have a conflict, can i attend only 1 day of the golf tour?

Full participation is requested from each athlete. we ask that participants be available all days.

Is there someone I can call to discuss this further?

Yes, you can call Amir Malik (Founder MGA) ON: +447593930204

Registration closes in