The 2024 MGA National Pairs Matchplay Competition


After a brilliant 2023 season, The MGA is back with its highly anticipated National Pairs competition for 2024. A unique chance to compete against the UK's most aspiring pairs players in an exciting knockout competition. Who truly is the best pairing? A superb opportunity to test yourself against fellow players locally & nationally, where new friendships can be made. To get involved all you need is an official and current WHS handicap and a designated 'Home' course.

2024 MGA Pairs Tournament Standings

2023 MGA National Pairs Winners

Mr Abdul Afghan & Mr Irfan Malik

Abdul Afghan and Irfan Malik displayed unwavering determination and remarkable skill as they navigated through four rounds of intense competition spanning across The South region.

With each round presenting its own set of challenges, they showcased resilience and tenacity, emerging victorious with each match. As they advanced to the final, the stage was set for an epic showdown at the stunning Oxfordshire Golf Resort, against formidable opponents, Ibrar ul Haq and Arif Mahmood, our Northern winners.

The final battle was nothing short of spectacular, with both teams demonstrating exceptional prowess and strategic play. In the end, it was a riveting display of sportsmanship and talent, showcasing the true spirit of the game.

Can they be the first team to successfully defend their title?

Who is the best pairing in the UK?

This is a season-long competition open to all golfers. How far can you and your partner go? This years event will involve Home & Away legs all the way through to the final.


North & South Regions

All rounds up until the Final, are based on a ‘home and away’ fixture over 36 holes. You will be split into local regions (where possible - North/South) to avoid long journeys.

Meet new people

The pairs competition is a great way to meet new people, play new courses and test yourself against some great players both near and far.

Matchplay Pairs 2024 £50.00 per pair

Get ready for the 2024 National MGA Matchplay Pairs event. Who will be crowned champions?

The Competition

Round 1

The first round offers you the chance to play 36 holes, both ‘Home & Away’.

You will have approximately eight weeks to complete the first round.  Fixtures will start from 1st April until 31st May.

Last 16

16 Teams remain. You will play 36 holes, both ‘Home & Away’.

You will have approximately four weeks to complete this round.  Fixtures will start from 1st June until 30th June.

Quarter Finals

8 Teams remain. Things start to become a little more interesting.

You will play 36 holes, both ‘Home & Away’.

You will have four weeks to complete the fixture (1st July – 31st July)

Semi Final

Semi Final. Depending on who is left, you may be required to travel a little further for this round. 

You will play 36 holes, both ‘Home & Away’.

You will have four weeks to complete the fixture (1st Aug – 31st Aug).

Regional Final

The Regional Final, 2 remaining teams will battle it out to be winners from their region. Home & away fixtures.

All fixtures to be completed by September 30th

National Final

The National Final will be contested with a 1 leg, winner takes all at a neutral venue.

Who will be crowned MGA Pairs Champions 2024?


Do we pay a visitor green fee?

Many golf clubs offer courtesy and are happy to do this because their members will mutually benefit when playing away elsewhere, but some clubs will not permit this. If courtesy is not possible then in the spirit of brotherhood, we advise the home team paying these fees and this then being reciprocated in the away leg.

What happens after we enter?

Once Match Play has been purchased for £50.00 your pairs participation is secured. Our Match Play team will then reach out to you via email with a link to login to the MGA Pairs portal. This is where you submit your golfer information, find your opponents, their details and submit results.

What is the format?

Better Ball Pairs Matchplay – off 90% of the difference in playing handicaps between lowest player and everyone else.

For example handicaps of golfers are 5/12/19 and 21

5: Plays off 0
12: Plays off 6 (12-5=7*0.9=6.3)
19: Plays off 13 (19-5=14*0.9=12.6)
21: Plays off 14 (21-5=16*0.9=14.4)

The match is played over 36 holes.

Playing handicap is the ADJUSTED handicap you receive the chosen course  and chosen tees. 

Do i need a formal handicap to play?

To participate you need an official WHS handicap. There is a maximum handicap limit of 24.

Is there a handicap limit?

There is a maximum limit of 24 for men playing this competition. Further details about handicaps can be found on the RULES page here: RULES

How does Round 1 work?
  1. The first round will be played on a ‘home and away’ basis over 36 holes. Therefore golfers are guaranteed at least one round away from their home course.
  2. The draw will state who has home advantage in the first leg of the first round.
  3. If sudden-death is required in the first round this will take place at the venue of the second leg immediately after the completion of the 36th hole.
How are matches arranged?
Both teams will be given contact information to arrange the match, although the onus is on the home team to make contact since the home team will be booking the tees. If the home team does not reach out or the deadline is not met, the away team will progress unless evidence of attempted contact is given.
Me and my partner are members at different clubs, is this ok?

Pairs do not need to be members at the same golf club but you must select a home club between you – we will request this from you when registration closes.

Is this a national competition or if my pair is drawn away will we be playing locally?

All rounds will be drawn based on geographical proximity while avoiding matches between teams from the same club. On the odd occasion, if you’re drawn away you may end up a bit further out as you progress through the rounds. We always do our best to keep people as local as possible.

Is there an age limit?

The Tournament is open to male golfers aged 16 and over on the commencement date. Participants must hold a valid WHS handicap. Under 18s must be accompanied with an adult (over 18). 

When is the final?

The final will take place in September/October and will be scheduled over 1 leg at a neutral venue.

Matchplay Pairs 2024 £50.00 per pair

Get ready for the 2024 MGA Matchplay Pairs event.