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Do Muslim Men Golf?

Absolutely. In fact we feel that the game of golf goes hand in hand with being Muslim. This Summer we will be holding multiple unique golf experiences where you can learn to golf across the UK, kick starting with our program in Birmingham. The MGA is delighted to introduce to you the world's first dedicated Muslim Golf Association. Created with the modern Muslim in mind, we have put together a unique golf experience where you will be introduced to this beautiful game in a safe & non-judgemental environment whilst meeting new friends & like-minded people. The MGA is all about breaking barriers. Come and be a part of history. ***Only £20pp*** #DareToBeDifferent Limited Spaces

Group Coaching

Learning is always fun in a group, and we feel learning with other Muslim men of similar ability further increases motivation and skill acquisition.

No Dress Code

We feel golf should be played in whatever you feel comfortable in. That's why there is NO dress code with the MGA.

Everything Provided

That's right. We provide all clubs, balls ad everything you need to learn golf. Just bring your trainers and an open mind.

It's time to change the narrative

The MGA is creating a platform for Muslim men to come and express themselves through Golf. We create safe spaces where no one will judge!


Golf has no barriers

We believe there should be no barriers to this beautiful game, which is why we have no dress code!

Welcome to the World of Golf

Come and experience a sport like no other with the MGA

MGA Golf Experience

Embark on a journey with the Muslim Golf Association that promises not only an introduction to this intriguing game but also a day of brotherhood and camaraderie among brothers in faith. This exclusive 2-hour group coaching session is designed as a gateway to our esteemed MGA beginners' programme, offering you a glimpse into the world of golf. We take pride in providing all necessary equipment, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Our confidence in the programme is high, and we eagerly anticipate sharing with you the details of future coaching sessions and gatherings under the MGA umbrella. Your adventure begins with a warm welcome from our dedicated MGA team, who will introduce you to the day's activities before leading you to the Golf Range. There, you will engage in hitting shots, receiving not only expert guidance and encouragement from our coaches but also celebrating each triumph with joyous acclamation, embodying the spirit of brotherhood. In line with the traditions of MGA, the session progresses from the range to the actual golf course, allowing you the opportunity to experience a few holes. Fear not, for our team will accompany you every step of the way, ensuring an enriching and delightful experience. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the journey! The session concludes back at the clubhouse, where you will be treated to a light lunch in the company of your group. This gathering serves as a wonderful opportunity to discuss future MGA events and coaching programmes, networking as well as fostering a sense of community and ongoing engagement. We invite you to join us in this unique experience, where faith meets sport, and friendships are forged on the green. Welcome to the MGA family.

Come and take a look at what an MGA Taster day looks like...

No Equipment Needed

All equipment and balls will be provided to use throughout your session. We have everything you need.

group coaching

A fun, relaxed and sociable way to be introduced to Golf. Its a great way to learn & connect with others We will also break into smaller groups on the day.

No Dress Code

Correct. We feelgolf can be played in anything, as long as you feel comfortable and can swing a golf club. We do advise trainers to make walking that little bit easier.

lunch provided

No golf session is complete without some delicious food. A light lunch will served after your session. Halal of course.

Select your session

# DareToBeDifferent

Saturday 27th April

12 pm or 3pm

Hatchford Brook Golf Centre

Coventry Rd, Birmingham
B26 3PY

Limited Spaces


Sunday 28th April

12 pm or 3pm

Hatchford Brook Golf Centre

Coventry Rd, Birmingham
B26 3PY

Limited Spaces


Hatchford Brook Golf Centrre

Coventry Rd, Birmingham B26 3PY

Free Parking

All Inquiries please call:

Amir – 07593930204

Email: info@muslimgolfassociation.com

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Your Questions

Here are some FAQs

Will I meet other brothers?

Yes, the best part of learning Golf is the friendships and bonds created from these groups.

Do I need to have played before?

No, EVERYONE is welcome to join our Men's experience, especially with zero Golf experience. We can't wait to introduce you to this great game.

Can I really wear what I want?

YES! We have created a private section on the golf course dedicated just for you. We believe golf should be a relaxing and fun game, dress code isn't a priority here. However, trainers will help 🙂

Will I know where to go?

Yes, we understand the fear that can come with learning a new sport in a new environment so our MGA Team will always be there to greet you. We pride ourselves on the relaxed informal atmosphere we create for our players.

Am I too young or old?

Due to safeguarding issues, the minimum age for coaching sessions is 16. For any juniors, we will be conducting separate sessions later in the year. And of course, there is no upper age limit!

Is Golf fun?

YES, we will get you to LOVE golf before you learn it. It will even help you to feel great as it involves walking, full body movement and a great intake of vitamin D, Golf is an unbelievably good sport for both body and mind.

Our Partners

The MGA has teamed up with the best golf programme in the UK to bring you the most holistic golf experience you can imagine.

#Dare To Be Different