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Golf & Disability?

The MGA is excited to introduce a groundbreaking endeavour that aims to provide a unique golfing experience for Muslims with disabilities. We believe that golf should be inclusive and accessible to any person of determination suffering from a temporary or permanent, full or partial divergence or deficiency in their physical, sensory, mental, communicative, educational or psychological abilities. Our initiative is specifically tailored to cater to the needs of Muslims with disabilities, ensuring that they can be introduced & enjoy the game of golf in a fun & comfortable way. Join us on Tuesday 12th Sept at Wentworth Golf Club.

Golf for All. Everyone is Welcome.

Behavioural or emotional

Sensory impairment



It's time to change the narrative

We want people of determination to have the same opportunity as everyone else. The desire to be active throughout their lives. Golf is the perfect sport.


Golf has no barriers

Golf knows no boundaries when it comes to disability, providing an inclusive and empowering platform where people of all abilities can come together, challenge limitations, and enjoy the game with equal enthusiasm and passion.

Welcome to the World of Golf

We are creating a new world where you can engage in an inclusive sport, overcome barriers, and embrace the joy of playing golf.

Tuesday 12th Sept- Taster Session @Wentworth Golf Club

We are delighted to announce a groundbreaking initiative in collaboration with the European Disabled Golf Association (EDGA) that reflects our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and the love of golf. The Muslim Golf Association (MGA) is proud to present a special Disability Golf Taster session, tailored to empower Muslims with disabilities, at none other than Europe's most prestigious golfing destination, Wentworth, in the lead-up to the prestigious BMW Open. In the serene surroundings of Wentworth, participants will have the privilege of not only experiencing the elegance and luxury of this renowned golf course but also engaging in an activity that transcends physical limitations. This event is a testament to our commitment to service excellence and the values of compassion and community, as it provides an unforgettable golfing experience for those who may not have had the chance otherwise. The MGA's collaboration with EDGA for this disability golf taster session represents a momentous step forward in the realm of golf inclusivity, and we are honored to be a part of it. Join us in this inspiring journey of unity, faith, and golf, as we make history together at Wentworth in the lead-up to the BMW Open. Together, we are breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for all to experience the magic of golf.


  • Date – Tuesday 12th September 2023

  • Your allocated session time: 10:30am

  • Session lead: Mark Taylor, EDGA Head of Instruction & Education

  • Location: Wentworth Golf Club, Wentworth Dr, Surrey GU25 4LS

  • Event: G4D Tour @ BMW PGA Championship

  • Session duration: 1 hour group format with up to 8 participants and relevant support staff (MGA Volunteer Coaches) – coaching delivered by Mark Taylor & the Development Team/MGA Coaches.

Come and take a look...

Anything is possible

Breaking Barriers, Building Confidence: Golf Empowers Individuals with Disabilities to Achieve Greatness.

No Equipment Needed

You just need to bring yourself. All equipment will be provided and adapted for all. Just come in clothing that you feel comfortable in! This is YOUR expereince.

group coaching

A fun, relaxed and sociable way to be introduced to golf. Your group will have no more than 8 people plus attending community volunteers.

No Cost

No cost. All coaching and equipment is provided free of charge. We just ask you to make your own way to the golf club.

watch the pros

You will also have the opportunity to observe G4D Tour Professional Players play their Practice round. An inspiring experience.

Disability does not mean inability

We aim to encourage golf to be fully inclusive

Your Questions

Here are some FAQs

There are different formats of the game and equipment you can use. We just want to show you how. Fill out the form and just let us know what impairment you have and we will try to make golf accesible for you! 

Absolutely! Every seated golfer will develop a unique style regardless of ability and what works with one seated golfer may not work with another similar functioning player. Hence our coaches will help find the right position with you.

All equipment will be provided for participation in the activity. Due to the nature of the activity taking place outdoors, we advise that you wear suitable footwear and outdoor clothing which also includes clothing suitable for changing weather conditions.

The golf activities will always be positioned and prepared for best access for participants with mobility limitations and wheelchair users. The golf facilities used have ample nearby disability parking spaces and accessible toilets.

The address is:
The Belfry, Lichfield Road | Wishaw | Sutton Coldfield B76 9PR

The session will last around 1.5 hours
Groups of no more than 8 people plus attending volunteers. There will be frequent breaks throughout the day.

There is no dress code, but we recommend sports shoes or trainers.

No, Golf is for everyone. You are never too old to play golf. However, a minimum age for this session is 8 years old.

Please feel free to either call us directly: 07593930204 or email at 


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Community Champions

Igniting Hearts, Inspiring Change.

Hope Builders

People like you play a vital role in creating safe and inclusive spaces where people of determination can explore and experience the joy of golf within their local communities. You will become a facilitator, mentor, and advocate, fostering an environment that welcomes people of all abilities. Your dedication and compassion create opportunities for people of determination to sample golf, enabling them to discover new passions, build confidence, and forge meaningful connections.

You are indispensable in breaking down barriers, eliminating stigma, and empowering people of determination to participate in a sport that offers physical, mental, and social benefits.

Your unwavering commitment and selflessness makes a profound difference in the lives of those you will serve, providing a transformative experience that transcends the golf course, instilling a sense of belonging, and nurturing a community that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

We will be with you with every swing...

The MGA alongside EDGA’s wealth of experience in golf development results from being specialised in this particular sector and combines the knowledge of proven practitioners and educationalists. We will endeavour to make sure you have access to timely and meaningful resources. 

EDGA is advising some of the world’s leading golf organisations, and we value the opportunity to help shape the experience of the game for Muslims with a disability. 

We will provide dedicated training, seminars, a network of coaches and an adaptive kit for you to be confident in creating wholesome experiences. 

Tee Up Joy

Calling all teachers, enthusiastic parents, keen golfers and just people who want to make a positive change. The needs you! 

You will ultimately help set up, supervise and deliver non-technical games and activities to suit the audience, whether that’s juniors or adults, and it should be stressed your job won’t involve coaching, so you don’t have to be a great golfer to be a Community Champion

If you’re interested in becoming a Champion, please register your interest here.

The MGA Needs You!

Swing for equality and opportunity: Join us as a volunteer with Disabled Golf!

Our Partners

Grateful for our sponsors whose support has made a profound impact, transforming lives and shaping brighter futures.

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