Muslim golf pioneer Amir Malik planning ‘bigger and better’ events in 2022

The The Independent

For almost every sport and leisure interest, attracting new participants and supporters is the lifeblood of their existence.

Staying relevant and innovating in order to not only maintain participation levels but increase them by tapping into new areas of the population takes time, effort and resources.

In 2022, and the Muslim Golf Association discovered a significant new community.

More than 1,200 Muslim women across the UK signed up for a first taste of golf, taking part in events from Surrey to Scotland. The events created a safe space for these women, helping to change perceptions and lead to a profound effect on individuals who previously had never imagined they belonged on a golf course.

In this feature, we’ll hear from the passionate people who brought this partnership to life, why it was formed and the forward-thinking clubs that have benefitted from hosting the sessions.

But first, how did this association come about?

“You’ve got the famous 19th hole, there’s a lot of gambling involved and that didn’t sit right with me because I’m a practising Muslim, I pray five times a day.

“But having been bitten by the bug I was really intrigued to see how many Muslims would play this game and I wanted to create this environment where people would feel comfortable and wouldn’t have to compromise their values.”

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