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Golf with Hijab?

The MGA is landing in DUBAI! Be introduced to the world's first dedicated Muslim Women's Golf Association. Created with the modern Muslim lady in mind, we have put together a unique taster experience where you can sample this beautiful game in a safe & non-judgemental environment whilst meeting new friends & like-minded people. The MGA is all about breaking barriers. Join us in making history. After a successful UK Tour that attracted over 1,200 Muslim women, the MGA is excited to come to Dubai and bring the MGA experience to the fabulous Els Club, Dubai. #DareToBeDifferent

Group Coaching

Learning is always fun in a group, and we feel learning with other Muslim women of similar ability further increases motivation and skill acquisition.

Inviting All Women

Come in your Hijab, no Hijab, Abaya, Jeans, whatever you're comfortable in. The MGA provides a safe space for all women to come together. That's why there is NO dress code.


You will be taught by a female professional PGA coach who understands the etiquettes & cultural differences of women all across the world.

It's time to change the narrative

The MGA is creating a platform for Muslim women to come and express themselves through Golf. We create safe spaces where no one will judge!


Golf has no barriers

We believe there should be no barriers to this beautiful game, which is why we have no dress code!

Welcome to the World of Golf

Come and expereince a sport like no other with MGA Love.Golf

MGA Taster Session

An MGA taster session is the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors and try something new with like-minded women. This 2 hour group coaching experience will give you a taster of our MGA programme. All equipment is provided and if you love it - we're sure you will - we will give you details of future coaching sessions and MGA events. Upon arrival, you'll be welcomed by the MGA team, and following introductions, the coaching will commence on the golf range. You will be invited to hit some shots whilst providing plenty of tips and encouragement to help you. Expect lots of laughter and noise as we always celebrate good shots! Then, in true MGA your group will venture out onto the golf course to play a few holes. Don't worry, we will be with you all the way and ensure you have a great time. You might be really surprised! The session will finish back at the clubhouse with a delicious menu, refreshments and group feedback. Here you can ask questions and learn more about future get-togethers.

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The Els Club Dubai

Dubai Sports City The Els Club is truly timeless, world-class golf experience for players at all levels

Your Club - The Els Club

Renowned as one of the finest golfing destinations in the Middle East, the unique experience of The Els Club is one that creates everlasting memories and should be on every golfers must-play list. 

The Country Club at The Els Club Dubai is a 5-star leisure facility that including an urban-chic gym, a stunning restaurant, 2 swimming pools with a children’s pool ,and a segregated pool-bar operated by the restaurant.

Your Coach - Amy Millward

The first thing you will notice about Amy is her infectious smile. Her energy and enthusiasm for the sport will engage you immediately, and her teaching style does not overload. Amy will help you become an awesome golfer by encouraging and motivating you to progress at your own pace.

Your View

Select your session

All inclusive price AED 199

Sunday 20th November

The Els Club, Dubai Sports City PO Box 111123, Dubai, UAE 2pm

Wednesday 23rd November

The Els Club, Dubai Sports City PO Box 111123, Dubai, UAE 9:30am

Saturday 26th November

The Els Club, Dubai Sports City PO Box 111123, Dubai, UAE 4pm

Sunday 27th November

The Els Club, Dubai Sports City PO Box 111123, Dubai, UAE 2pm

No Equipment Needed

Thanks to and PING you will be given your own golf clubs, balls and bag to use throughout your session. We have everything you need.

group coaching

A fun, relaxed and sociable way to be introduced to golf. Your group will have no more than 10 women and then you will break into smaller groups.

Hijab & niqab friendly

Yes, you really can play in a Hijab, Abaya or Niqab too. In fact wear what you feel most comfortable in. We just ask you to wear trainers to make it easy for you on the course.

lunch provided

No golf session is complete without some delicious food. A fabulous lunch will be served after your session. Halal of-course.

Dare to be different?

Come and give Golf a try, you may just be surpirsed!

Your Questions

Here are some FAQs

Will I meet other women?

Yes, the best part of learning Golf is the friendships and bonds created from these groups.

Do I need to have played before?

No, EVERYONE is welcome to join our Women’s programs, especially those with zero Golf experience. We can't wait to introduce you to this great game.

Can I really wear what I want?

YES! We have created a private section on the golf course dedicated just for you. We will show you that not even an abaya will get in the way of swinging a golf club, however, trainers will help 🙂

Will I know where to go?

Yes. We understand the nerves that can come with learning a new sport in a new environment so the MGA team will always be there to greet you. We pride ourselves on the relaxed informal atmosphere we create for our ladies.

Am I too young or old?

Age is nothing but a number. Golf is for everyone and we pride ourselves in the diversity in the groups of women we have at MGA. You are never too old to play golf. For safety reasons our minimum age is 14.

Is Golf fun?

YES! We will get you to LOVE golf before you learn it. Golf is unbelievably good for both body & mind. It involves lots of walking across beautiful landscapes with lots of fresh air and gorgeous weather.

Is this for Muslims only?

Definitely not. All ladies are welcome. We just ask that you respect our values of no alcohol or gambling.

One last question....

If we have missed anything here and you would like more information please email or send a WhatsApp: +447593930204

Our Partners

The MGA have teamed up with the best Womens golf programme in the UK to bring you the most holistic golf experience you can imagine.

Backed by ground-breaking research, is a proven approach to women’s coaching, delivered by a community of coaches who engage, inspire and progress women in the sport.

An alternative to what might be typically expected from women’s golf coaching, experiences take place on the golf course so that women learn how they want to learn in a group environment free from any dress codes or unnecessary rules.

Syngenta has been a market leader in the global golf industry for more than 30 years, creating innovative turf management solutions for golf courses in 43 countries.

Our commitment to golf goes beyond caring for the wellbeing of the golf course, we care about the health of the game itself and the industry’s long-term sustainability.

#Dare To Be Different

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