‘The golf course doesn’t discriminate’: Meet the man looking to change the face of the sport

Every time Amir Malik steps onto the first tee he faces challenges – and they don’t simply involve putting the ball in the hole. Steve Carroll met him As a practising Muslim, Amir Malik avoids golf’s many clubhouse rituals – … Read More

Golf Saudi ambassador Camilla Lennarth gives clinic for female players from Muslim Golf Association

LONDON: As part of Golf Saudi’s continuous efforts to develop the game of golf, a clinic was organized for ten female golfers from The Muslim Golf Association (MGA) as part of an exchange of golfing experience between the UK and Saudi … Read More

‘I want to take this global’: the success of the Muslim Golf Association

When Amir Malik fell in love with golf a few years ago, he soon realised that as a practising Muslim he didn’t quite fit in with the memberships of most clubs. “With a game taking three to four hours, there’d … Read More

Solihull golf club’s taster sessions for Muslim women

Stonebridge Golf Club, in Solihull, West Midlands, has hosted taster sessions for Muslim women who would like to play golf. The women don’t have to be able to tell a bogey from a birdie and there’s no dress code either. … Read More